Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What You Really Want to Know About Acupuncture

Who came up with the idea of acupuncture? Were they nuts or what?
It was conceived by intuition and refined over a couple thousand years. "Ha!" you might be thinking, "That is a total non-answer." Maybe not, though, because a lot of great things have come about that way (and I'm sure some really bad things, too). Sometimes you just get an urge to do something stupid and it all works out for the best. Imagine the first person to ski, or to eat lobster, or to bring a wolf pup home as a pet.
Or maybe Grandma tumbled out of the family cave and landed on a cactus, and to save her pride she insisted that she had done it on purpose. Maybe after her grandchildren pulled all the prickers out of her backside she thought, "That's funny, I feel young again." You never know.

Does it hurt?
No, it feels like a mild sunburn.

Why does it help?
They say it's about redirecting energy although it's possible that it's a placebo. If so, it still works, though, so there's really no downside.