Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Work Magic

"Look at me," the neighbor's golden retriever wags. "Aren't I wonderful?"
Yes, you are.
The dog has charm to spare. Beautiful and glossy and upbeat, he prances around wagging at people, other dogs, even squirrels. He's not particular. Confident in their admiration, he grins and waves around a conversation starter: a pull-toy or a gutter downspout.
This is how he casts his spell.
I know a charming man, too. He is almost as good-looking as the dog, and twice as smart.  People are drawn to his twinkly eyes and ready smile. He always says the right thing. He is famous for daring deeds and strength and skill. He is kind to everyone, even when they make asses of themselves trying to impress him. He makes them feel like sucking up is the right thing to do. Honorable, even.
The dog and the man have a lot in common: good looks and confidence in their appeal, and they give you something interesting to talk about. They are charming.
Charm draws people to you. It also makes them want to give you things like hugs and cookies and big money sponsorship deals.
Charm works on more than just people. It works on everything in the universe. Things could go one way or another, but they just seem to go your way. You don't have to beg. You don't have to threaten. You just smile and wag and nobody even gets mad about the chewed-up gutter downspout.
The term "charm" seems to imply trickery, but that's not how it works. Charm's true power is in its innocence. You just happen to be in love with yourself, and who could resist that?