Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Meow-Fest is a celebration of all things Meow, and usually begins at about four a.m. Ostensibly, it's about food, specifically about a lack of kibble in the bowl on the shelf. To bring attention to the enormity of the problem, the empty bowl is flung from the shelf. Preferably it makes a loud clang.
Putting kibble in the bowl doesn't always fix the problem (We could have starved! We might have died! We deserve better treatment!). But a chest cuddle and some ear rubs might help, unless it does not seem repentant enough.
In that case Meow-Fest escalates to Phase III: The Biting of Body Parts. It could be your toe, peeking out from under the covers (Gotcha!) or maybe your scalp (Feels scary? Well, now you know how I felt when I almost starved this morning!).
Meow Fest ends as you're slumped blearily over your morning coffee. The cat is now sleeping on your pillow.