Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Comes

It's April now, snowing every day. It was warm for awhile, then--bam! Winter slapped us in the face. Even the dogs don't want to go outside.
Yet we know we're making progress toward spring. Any day, the dog poo will melt out of the lawn. We'll be riding bicycles, scratching bug bites, going camping.
If I didn't know this I'd be depressed. I'd think, ugh, there's no reason to buy sandals. It will be snowy and cold for the rest of my life.
We try so hard to build something from the chaos of our lives. And we wait, wait, for our dreams to come true, our work to pay off. Then, just when destiny starts to unfold there's a disheartening set-back.
We could think: it's just not meant to be. I have failed forever. But that would be a cop out.
It doesn't happen all at once, and some days are warmer than others. But summer comes.