Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life's Simple Pleasures

Life's Simple Pleasures
·         Wagging tails
·         The warm glow after a good meal
·         Hugs
·         Clean sheets
·         The call of a red-winged black bird
·         The smell of rain
·         A purring cat on your chest
·         The world spread out below you
·         Thunder-hail
·         Hot sunshine through the car window on a cold, cold day
·         A smile from a stranger
·         A beer after a job well done
·         Chocolate volcano cake
·         Coasting on a bicycle
·         Lush carpet under bare feet
·         Looking forward to the next chapter
·         Jumping on a trampoline
·         Running like a deer through the woods
·         A clean toilet seat
·         Body surfing
·         Water so clear you can see the fishes
·         Comfortable shoes that also look nice
·         Snowflakes floating out of a pink night sky
·         Being nuzzled awake
·         Fixing it instead of buying a new one
·         Old jeans that fit perfectly but haven't started to fall apart
·         Sunrise on the winter solstice
·         A hot shower
·         Autumn leaves up to your ankles
·         Being watched by ravens
·         Turning off the television
·         Drum solos
·         A Kleenex when you need one
·         Morning glories
·         Dreams of flying
·         A new trail
·         Wagging tails
·         Fiesta music in the distance
·         The smell of burning wood