Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Comes

It's April now, snowing every day. It was warm for awhile, then--bam! Winter slapped us in the face. Even the dogs don't want to go outside.
Yet we know we're making progress toward spring. Any day, the dog poo will melt out of the lawn. We'll be riding bicycles, scratching bug bites, going camping.
If I didn't know this I'd be depressed. I'd think, ugh, there's no reason to buy sandals. It will be snowy and cold for the rest of my life.
We try so hard to build something from the chaos of our lives. And we wait, wait, for our dreams to come true, our work to pay off. Then, just when destiny starts to unfold there's a disheartening set-back.
We could think: it's just not meant to be. I have failed forever. But that would be a cop out.
It doesn't happen all at once, and some days are warmer than others. But summer comes.


Monday, April 20, 2015

I Can Fly (Sort of)

In my dreams I can fly.
I leap into the air, spread my arms and circle above all those other suckers as they look on with concern.
You can't fly if you're not willing to leap.
Here's how it works: At first, you're plummeting: Oh, shit! Big mistake! Call 9-1-1! And then you think, well, I might be able to handle this.
So you flap wildly and wobble and plunge, and then you glide a little, and one day you realize: I am soaring!
And then you hit the power lines, but that's a different story.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life's Simple Pleasures

Life's Simple Pleasures
·         Wagging tails
·         The warm glow after a good meal
·         Hugs
·         Clean sheets
·         The call of a red-winged black bird
·         The smell of rain
·         A purring cat on your chest
·         The world spread out below you
·         Thunder-hail
·         Hot sunshine through the car window on a cold, cold day
·         A smile from a stranger
·         A beer after a job well done
·         Chocolate volcano cake
·         Coasting on a bicycle
·         Lush carpet under bare feet
·         Looking forward to the next chapter
·         Jumping on a trampoline
·         Running like a deer through the woods
·         A clean toilet seat
·         Body surfing
·         Water so clear you can see the fishes
·         Comfortable shoes that also look nice
·         Snowflakes floating out of a pink night sky
·         Being nuzzled awake
·         Fixing it instead of buying a new one
·         Old jeans that fit perfectly but haven't started to fall apart
·         Sunrise on the winter solstice
·         A hot shower
·         Autumn leaves up to your ankles
·         Being watched by ravens
·         Turning off the television
·         Drum solos
·         A Kleenex when you need one
·         Morning glories
·         Dreams of flying
·         A new trail
·         Wagging tails
·         Fiesta music in the distance
·         The smell of burning wood


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Portals to New Dimensions

The world is full of portals. It's just that you don't see them if you're not looking. They're the doors no one opens, the stairs no one follows. They're the graffiti no one reads. The hidden cave. The crawl space. The ledge halfway up the cliff. It's the Ethiopian deli with darkened windows, the sewer, the electrical panel, the thicket of bushes just off the path. It's the stranger you look in the eye.
Any of those places can take you on an adventure. They can take you to danger, to wonder. They can lead you to discover parts of yourself you've never known. But you have to look and then you have to really see, and then you have to make the effort. Not just stick your head in, but crawl through, part the branches, get a ladder.
And when you feel that shiver, don't turn back. That is the feeling of being alive.
You can exist on the surface of the world or you can go inside of things, and in the places hidden right in front of your face, you will find the best part of you: the part that still plays, still questions, still explores.
That part is an adventurer. Not just another zombie on the sidewalk, but someone who is alive and open and a little bit nervous, but also curious, because anything, absolutely anything, could happen next.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


What is a monster? It's powerful and ugly. We know it's there but have never seen it. It's hiding under the bed. It guards the cave of treasure. It lurks in the depths, it attacks from the heavens.
It's whatever mask your fear wears.
The monster can be more frightening than the reality, but it can also be more palatable. The important thing is that it disguises your fear either from yourself or from others.
And when the mask slips, oops, all of your deepest fears are visible. All of your vulnerabilities.
So which would you rather have? A monster or your soul laid bare?
Yeah, me too. The monster is our friend.