Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dreams are Personalized and Complete

Dreams are difficult to understand because they are built of metaphor. Every element of the dream is an exact symbol, the meaning of which is specific to the dreamer. The multiple implications of each symbol and the way the symbols combine creates a message that is not only personalized but complete.
Dreams are complicated but they are not trying to be coy or conceal meaning. It's the opposite: they hold oceans of meaning. The question is, does the dreamer have the insight and patience to dive into the message? Usually not. Usually, they can't even remember the dream come morning. The dreamer is still bobbing on the surface and all they come away with is a vague sense of having missed something.
Dreams are informational bulletins from the Everywhen, not judgments or directives. But when you wake up shaking and crying, that is a sign: swim for your life.