Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Great Enemy is a Great Fan

Being a fan is about taking some of the power of someone else and trying to make it mine.
Wearing the jersey of my favorite team signals that I am one of them. Well, I might not play football but what I am trying to project, whether I acknowledge it or not, is the strength, the coolness, whatever it is that defines that team.
It's an easy way to co-opt a little power.
I can define myself as opposed to someone. I can wear an "I Hate So-and-So" T-shirt. There might as well be a heart where it says hate. Either way, I'm trying to take some of their power for myself. After all, if they were insignificant I would be able to ignore them. I wouldn't even think about them. I certainly wouldn't be wearing the shirt.
Instead of stealing power from someone else I could manufacture some of my own. I could  do something positive and admirable. If  I did, people might try to steal my power. They might love and hate me.
But that would be a compliment, right?