Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Tree of Life

Throughout the world there are many Trees of Life, not just one. Usually, they are big and old. They don't always stand for the same thing, but considered as a group, they stand for everything.
Consider this: The limbs branch out into twigs, which carry leaves. Each leaf, each twig, is part of the whole the way each human is an aspect of humanity and every thing that exists is interdependent. The roots are hidden, and so, sometimes, is the crown. This is true of life as well, where there is so much that we cannot know or see. On the horizon a tree can be a landmark, but the forest can obscure your view until you are hopelessly lost.
Trees give us fruits and nuts to eat and medicines to heal. They give us wood for fire and tools and shelter. On hot days and in storms we take refuge underneath them.
Think of all the creatures that live in trees: birds and bugs and mammals and sometimes even snakes. It's a whole community.
A tree may live for generations, an example of timelessness and continuity in a changing world.
So yes, a tree is a perfect symbol of life. And any tree may serve that purpose.