Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa and His Blues Band

The holidays have begun in my new neighborhood, and it's like Vegas on every block.
We have creches and menorahs, of course, because you get those everywhere, and fairy lights and twinkly icicles dangling from rain gutters.
There are candy canes, snowflakes, nutcrackers, ginger bread houses, trees bound up like hostages in strings of lights.
A dinosaur in a fur-trimmed shirt. Polar bears, oxen, a walrus. Deer, elk, elves. A giant arrow-shaped tree on the roof of one house, possibly disrupting air traffic.
Santa in a helicopter. Santa popping in and out of a chimney. Santa and his blues band (who knew he had time for hobbies?).
All of it blinding, glaring, blinking. And it is wonderful!
Is this what Christmas is all about? Yes it is, if Christmas is about joy. Because every night when I pull into my neighborhood after work I shake my head and laugh.