Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sun, Halo, Crown

Halos have been around since way before Christ. We can find them all through the history of art: Ancient Egyptian gods have orbs above their heads. Mythical Greek figures have rays shooting out of their skulls. Buddha has a disk. Hindu gods have flames.

Originally a symbol of the sun, the source of all life, by extension the halo represents power, enlightenment, godliness.

Enter the crown.

Now humans have always loved extraordinary hats, but the crown is not just a hat. Only certain people can afford gemstone-encrusted gilded headgear. It is the ultimate status symbol.

The problem is, while a crown captures the sun's shininess it doesn't confer the sun's essence, its life-giving power. The halo of the monarch is counterfeit.

We can find true power in our connection to and love of all things. It is a glow, but not a glow we see. It is the glow in our hearts when we are at peace. Some people catch a flicker once in a while. Some never feel it at all, but they try to capture it in shiny things like iPhones, diamond rings or casinos.

The true glow, the true halo, always comes from within.