Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Emotional Contagion

Have you ever noticed how on your down days, your really crappy days, things start spinning out of control? The checkout clerk is rude and the other drivers cut you off and your co-worker makes the remark that comes like a guided missile? I've noticed that.

And maybe I'm not very good at hiding my feelings, but also maybe my feelings aren't just about me.

They are about energy. And energy is everything.

No, really. Everything.

If we could see the world through energy goggles, we would see that everything is made of the same tiny stuff, zooming and jiggling. We are not as self-contained as we would like to think.

And when someone is negative we want to punish them because their energy messes with ours.

When we can dredge up some positive energy, it is exactly as contagious, but with the opposite effect. If we all started with just one smile, one phone call, one thank you, just think what we could do.

We could change the world.