Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Storyteller Hero

I saw a dog on a motorcycle once, a chow-chow, perched backwards behind the driver wearing Oakley sunglasses. On the highway.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Much stranger. Because the purpose of fiction is to make sense out of truth.

Each of us is building a story every moment of our lives. But sometimes the narrative breaks down. Something horrible happens. Something inexplicable. Or we wish we could scrap it all and start over.

Now, if you are a really skilled storyteller, maybe you can integrate it all: the pain and the joy and the "what the hell?". You can see the connections between all things. And that should make you a kind of hero.

Because the world needs good stories, more than anything. More than food. Because nothing is pointless if you have meaning.

And with stories your suffering is not in vain. And your trials will strengthen you. And your path leads somewhere.

And we can lift ourselves up with stories.