Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mannequin Exploitation

The other day, I was at Macy's to use the restroom when I passed by a passel of mannequins and noticed something: they have no toes.

And then I looked a little closer and realized that's the least of their problems. They had been decapitated. Limbs amputated. Poles up their behinds. All of them were distressingly emaciated, and it wasn't clear whether it was due to disease or famine.

And then it dawned on me what's happening: exploitation. Like the handlers of Indian street children, retailers are disfiguring their mannequins to induce our pity, to try to wrench a little more cash from us.

So let's all band together to stop the cycle of exploitation. Do not give your money to retailers. Support reputable charities instead.

Because, yes, on the surface these mannequins are attractive and confident, but what good is beauty without a head?