Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Miracles are the Only Reality

Every question has a surface answer and a deep answer, and the deep answer is: we don't really know. Certainty, my friends, is for children. Mysteries and miracles are the building blocks of everything ordinary.

Miracles? Really?

Oh, yeah. They are everywhere.

For example, why do we exist? What is our spirit? And who is the observer in all of us with the constant commentary and the snide remarks? If the observer isn't participating and only observing, what is it doing in our heads?

We use cell phones all the time, but how do they work? Signals, you say? What are they? And why do they exist? Were our prehumanoid ancestors all plugged into the network, without the need for telephones?

How do you explain herd behavior, flocks wheeling as one, and the ridiculous fads you (yes, you) followed in high school?

How can the universe end? How can it begin? How can it fail to end or begin? How do we know there's infinity if we can't count it?

How do birds migrate thousands of miles without eating or resting? How do they know where to go?

How is it that wind is made of nothing, yet a tornado can destroy an entire town?

Why are you here, now, reading this? Of all the possibilities, in all the choices you have made, what led you to this moment and not another?

And that is only the beginning.