Friday, February 7, 2014

Down the Throat of the Mountain

June seventeenth, 2013 was the day Janie Gundy's life ended and purgatory began, but she didn't know the half of it when she shook off the waiter, fighting tears, and ran blindly into the night...

So begins Down the Throat of the Mountain, which is now available online, and can be downloaded in pretty much any ebook format (like Kindle, Nook and iPad. You can read it on your computer.You can even put it on your fancy cell phone if you really want to, but I'm not saying that's a great idea.). It's available through Smashwords, Apple ibookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Flipkart (India) and the Diesel ebook store. Right now, it's free in all of those places. It's also available through the many different worldwide versions of for $2.99 or the equivalent in local currency. Wow, pretty overwhelming, huh? I bet you want to get in on the excitement, be the first on your block to read it! Right???