Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Death Vs. the Cosmic Kaleidoscope

Death is frightening to us because we imagine the end of life as the loss of our future.
Most people operate on the belief that the future is something that will happen in the future, which is perfectly reasonable, as far as it goes. But everything that happens, happens in the present. The present is all action. There's no lollygagging there. There's no time for questions or second thoughts. Poof! Suddenly, it's all in the past.
Now, the past is something we can relive for the rest of our lives (I'm not saying this is a good thing).
Since we don't experience anything in life until it is past, maybe what we really fear is the end of our past.
Because none of us ever really had a future.
Unless, that is, time runs in both directions! In that case, we'll have our future whether we die or not. We can't lose our future any more than we can lose our past because every possibility still remains. Past and future are constantly shifting from one reality to another in a kind of cosmic kaleidoscope, as every aspect of consciousness touches them.
Ooh! That is so much cooler than dying!