Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Synchronicity is more than just coincidence. It's an inside joke with the universe.

It's when you miss your plane, only to be rescheduled on a flight that arrives earlier.

It's tripping over the one rock in a field of scree that turns out to be an ancient fossil.

It's finding the book with the wisdom you need, lying face-up on a desert highway.

It's when you and your beloved meet by chance in the cereal aisle of a grocery store miles from home.

It's the frozen waterfall that collapses above you, yet leaves you untouched.

It's the strange dog that appears at your knee in a blizzard and leads you to safety.

Like an inside joke, synchronicity is a sign of affinity: affinity with the universe. A clue that you might be able to work with the universe to make your thoughts materialize. Sometimes.

And yes, all of these things happened to me.