Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Routine is the Birthplace of Wondrous Things

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
            --John Lennon, among other people, (although Lennon was probably the first to sing it)
Goals can be accomplished so slowly, so incrementally, that we don't even realize we've reached them.
Detours and big, big mistakes can happen the same way: we're going along, doing the best we can, trying to choose the right path day-by-day, and suddenly we're in debt or married to someone we don't love, or really, really fat. Or whatever.
Life sneaks up on you.
It's all very well to live with intention, but sometimes we get tired, we get distracted, or maybe we just deceive ourselves.
Sometimes, we accomplish a big goal, and we think to ourselves, well, that was anti-climactic. No ta-da, no splash. Just a feeling that maybe we should be more excited.
This is why ceremony is important: Marriages and birthdays, holidays and funerals are punctuation marks that give life rhythm and shape, so we can look back and say: Look here, I did this. This happened then.
But for the most part, it might not feel like you're going anywhere, even if you are. Because even the most exciting life is a life of routine. Because without routine, very little gets done. Very little of consequence, anyway.