Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is a Moment?

Bristlecone pines can live for five thousand years. Imagine what they learn in their long, slow lives. Different things from us, perhaps. Bigger things.
Do they even register us as we pass, or are we invisible to them, blurry in our rush from one moment to the next?
If we could slow down enough to really listen, what would they teach us? Would they say that tomorrow and yesterday don't matter, that only the moment is important? Or is that the message of a fast-living creature, an ant or a hummingbird?
Perhaps they would tell us that yesterday and tomorrow are one, a single pause between breaths. And as much as things seem to change, they are eternal.
And having lived so long, is the tree afraid to die? Or has it grown to know the world so well that it feels no separation: its roots burrow into the soil and its branches twist into the sky, and it is a conduit of sunshine from heavens to earth.
And perhaps the bristlecone knows that is enough. More than enough. It is everything.
Here is a link to Ken and Laurie's wonderful recording of Bristlecone Pine which made me cry.