Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God's Dog

"According to the Kato Indians of California, the god Nagaicho created the world. First he erected the four great pillars at the corners of the sky to hold it up and to expose the earth. Then he began a casual stroll around this new world and proceeded to create the things to fill it. The myth specifies how man and women were made of earth, how the creeks and rivers were made by Nagaicho's dragging feet, how each animal was made and placed in its proper spot in the world--each animal, that is, except the dog. Nowhere in the story is there any mention of Nagaicho, the creator, creating the dog. Rather, when Nagaicho first started on his walk, he took a dog with him: God already had a dog."
Stanley Coren, The Intelligence of Dogs, pp.17-18