Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Dream of Mosca

Lately, I have had dreams of Mosca. It's a small town in Colorado. It has a post office and two stop signs. There's a reservoir nearby without a drop of water, and there are sand dunes.
If you Google Mosca, you won't learn much about the town. But you might learn, for example, that "mosca" is Spanish for "fly", and the origin of our word "mosquito".
You might ponder a picture of a mosquito standing on water, and then you might think of other creatures: animals like flying fish, or their opposite, penguins, who straddle the worlds of air and water. Or manta rays, who fly, but only under water. Or hippos, who spend their days snorkeling in the shallows.
You might wonder at the craziness, the mixed-up-ness of the world, and how the impossible is always possible if you look at it with eyes of wonder.
And you might think that, despite appearances, there must be something magical about Mosca.