Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Even When I Can't Explain Why

I've come to realize that the satisfaction that comes from obtaining desires is fleeting. What I really need is a lot more complicated: 

·         To keep my center and my balance.
·         To esteem myself and have the confidence to give others their due.
·         To be as wise as I can and to accept my imperfections.
·         To meet new people and try scary things.
·         To find joy in simple things and appreciate the extraordinary.
·         To live and to love whole-heartedly.
·         To remember that my soul is a fragment of the universe, like a tiny, shining star.
·         To admit when I am wrong and stand firm when it is important.
·         To choose function over style, fun over appearances, and authenticity over prestige.
·         To choose friends whose judgment I trust, people with integrity and kindness.
·         To surround myself with things that nourish my soul.
·         To allow that life has ups and downs. To appreciate the ups and remember that the downs are temporary.
·         To look people in the eye, pet dogs, smell the rain, pause for beauty, listen well, sleep deeply and live each moment as it comes.
·         To dream, but also to be present, here, now.
·         To release the past.
·         To be gentle with myself and others.
·         To remember that I cannot fix the sorrows of the world. They are not my responsibility.
·         To seek the good in everything.
·         To breathe when I'm scared.
·         To know that I cannot please everyone, and I shouldn't try.
·         To be myself.
·         To laugh when it's funny and when it's hard, but not be afraid to cry.
·         To ask for help when I need it. To give help when I'm needed.
·         To follow my heart even when I can't explain why.